Dear Ninjas all over the world, I have gotten to know a lot of ninjas through social medias, and have been able to produce some ninja movies. 
The contemporary ninjas are the master of new weapons like social medias as well as ninja stars and“ kunais” and smoke signals. 
Then I have come up with an idea of making a “Ninja Movie” using social network services. The title of the movie: “Be a ninja and jump!” Let’s unite our efforts, all of us, Ninjas overseas and in Japan, regardless of your nationality, mother tongue, and your ninja activity location. 
“Ninja” is a universal word. Let’s perform together on the same ninja movie, 
“Be a ninja, and jump!” making use of our secret weapon, social media. 
Film your jumping using your smart phone, and attach it in your email and send it to us. Your entry is very much welcome. A 5 second movie taken with a smartphone can secure high-resolution, and is light enough to be sent as an email attachment. Caution. If you save the film again in the phone, or add a title or process it, it ends up lowering the quality of your film. Note that a 5-second movie will consume 5MB, at least. Thank you.
Please tell me the transcribed ninja name.